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Spoken Word - Feb 29th - Posting

Round-up: Useful tips for Office and SharePoint​

Well after the last week I can finally publish the notes, videos and Q&A from February's Spoken Word! It was great to sit and discuss what you can do easily and improve how things are done, without having to take courses or get developers involved. While we started on with some basics, I already have a lot of questions which mean we will need to get into deep topics as we go. Keep the questions coming!​

The other thing which I really like about sitting down with real people to do these things is you get real-world problems to respond to.

For everyone interested in the discussion topics and questions, I have included a write-up of bullets in the presentation file. Enjoy. The presentation deck is available for download HERE.

For the rest of you who would just like to see what we showed, and how easy it is, you can see video shorts:

1. create minutes from an Outlook calendar meeting

2. share a notebook and email minutes

3. views over a list for quick reporting

4. connect a list to Excel for offline access

5. filtering documents in a library

And for those that want the rambling discussion, that is going to our video channel shortly.

Please do feel free to join us on the next one, on the 29th of March.

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