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PO Box 24051, Manners Street, 6142, Wellington

0800 772 010

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By enhancing current technology,

we empower businesses to be able to produce, share and use their information.
This is how we do it.


We spoke.

Who spoke

We are a team dedicated to helping organisations get the best out of the online services provided by Microsoft. We have all been working with Microsoft technologies for over 18 years and bring a wealth of both business and technical experience to our customers. We understand the opportunity and the challenge with moving a businesses and its people onto a modern cloud environment and we help make it a smooth process.

We work everyday helping organisations get to grips with their information, document and collaboration needs. While we know technology, SharePoint and Office in particular, we do not sit and speak "techie" at you. We work on business problems, with business users and help translate the need so IT can understand.

The team is located in Wellington, but through the use of web-technologies and Office 365 we deliver services and mentoring to organisations around the world, and specifically Australia  and Europe. Working remotely is an everyday activity for us, and something we can help you learn.

We speak. Sometimes.

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