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Who are Spoke?

Well that's a longer story than we have time for here, and really needs a sit-down with a good cup-of-coffee. Suffice to say we are collection of very experienced (long in tooth, short in hair types) Consultants and Technologists, who have spent 20+ years working with SharePoint and the Microsoft platform. For a little more background pop-over to

Who Are We...

How we work

Spoke is small and flexible organisation, but we are used to dealing with enterprise and government organisations. As such we make sure that we operate to the best of available measures.

Below you will find our working values, our policies, and practices that impact how we deal with our customers, our partners and their information.

Our values


Our customers solutions and operations:

  • Total cost of ownership

  • Manageable

  • Maintainable


Frank and honest, while still respectful and polite

Own what we do know, and what we don't know

People first

Our team, our partners and our customers are all first and foremost people

We value diversity, and strive for equality

Listen and connect


We are... open with our ideas and feedback
share our experience and expertise
provide thought leadership 
challenge the norm
maintain our knowledge of what we say we know

Strength in Partnership

We cannot and do not want to do everything
We partner with others who share our ethics, values and style
We broaden each others horizons​

Our principles in delivery

  • Prove before you move - when adopting new ways and solutions

  • Just enough, just in time - when working out what capabilities and functionality are required

  • Bend, buy, build - With SharePoint, as with any cloud-service - know the platform first, know your options for the gaps - before investing in development.

Prove before you move

  • Focus on using the tools and technologies you have access to rather than building or acquiring new ones

  • Keep it simple, less complexity, less customisation

  • Consistent, repeatable, proven, maintainable (healthy conflict with challenging the norm)​

Just enough, just in time

  • Don't try to design and build an Ocean-liner, when a row-boat will do. Especially when you need it by next week

  • Keep in mind that your row-boat my need to grow too

  • In keeping with an Agile approach, small increments of useful capability until reach a point where cost out-weighs value delivered

Bend, Buy, Build.

  • Really understand your technology platform before ​you undertake major changes

  • Know how far you can go out-of-the-box before spending unnecessary amounts on additional products

  • Check the market-places and add-ons before investing in costly development. Most challenges are not new

  • Build (development) should always be a last-resort when working with Software-as-a-Service

Our policies

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