How we work

Spoke is small and flexible organisation, but we are used to dealing with enterprise and government organisations. As such we make sure that we operate to the best of available measures.

Below you will find our working values, our policies, and practices that impact how we deal with our customers, our partners and their information.

Our values

Sustainability,   Integrity,   People first,   Leadership, and Strength through partnerships

It is our fervent belief that customer's should be left better-off from any solution or service delivered by us. We make use of our experience and intellectual capital as means to delivering the best possible outcome, and ensure that any organisation we deal with is able to manage and maintain solution or guidance employed.

Integrity is pivotal in everything we do. Where we act as advisory, or subject expert we will not recommend to deliver a package of our devising; where we partner with others we will not introduce or play-off other parties, without full disclosure, and where take-lead in a delivery we will not compromise the outcome - even if there are tough conversations to have, or hard decisions to be made.


  • Our business model, commercials and our workload

  • Our customers solutions and operations

    • Total cost of ownership

    • Manageable

    • Maintainable


  • Frank and honest, while still respectful and polite

  • Own what we do know, and what we don't know

People first

  • Our team, our partners and our customers are all first and foremost people

  • Listen and connect

  • We value diversity, and strive for equality


  • We're not just 'yes' people

  • We're open with our ideas and feedback

  • We share our experiences and expertise

  • We provide thought leadership and challenge the norm

  • We maintain our knowledge of what we say we know

Strength through partnerships

  • We can't, shouldn't and do not want to do everything

  • We partner with others who share our ethics, values and style

  • We broaden each others horizons

Our principles
  • Prove before you move - when adopting new ways and solutions

  • Just enough, just in time - when working out what capabilities and functionality are required

  • Bend, buy, build - With SharePoint, as with any cloud-service - know the platform first, know your options for the gaps - before investing in development.

Prove before you move

  • Focus on using the tools and technologies you have access to rather than building or acquiring new ones

  • Keep it simple, less complexity, less customisation

  • Consistent, repeatable, proven, maintainable (healthy conflict with challenging the norm)

Our policies

go here to review the Spoke privacy policy

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