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Spoken Word - March 29th - Posting

Round-up: Useful tips for Office and SharePoint

We can now publish the notes, videos and Q&A from March's Spoken Word!

It was great to sit down and get yet more people in to chat about what you can do with what we have in SharePoint Online. While we started on with some basics in Excel and Lists, we got lots of great follow-up questions outside of the dsicussion. Keep the questions coming!​

We also got asked some great real-world scenarios to talk through, and specifically where you can take reporting on list registers - including dashboards. This has given us another great topic for future session!

For everyone interested in the discusion topics and questions, I have included a write-up of bullets in the presentation file. Enjoy. The presentation deck is available for download HERE.

For the rest of you who would just like to see what we showed, and how easy it is, you can see video shorts from the Spoke YouTube channel.

Please do join us on the next one, on the 29th of April.

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