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Spoken Word - April 29th - Posting

Round-up: Useful tips for Office and SharePoint​

Here we have the published notes, videos and Q&A from April's Spoken Word!

Again another good conversation, and this time we had a lot of people follow-up on the video post the event. While we started with some basics in Search, once we got into the "poor-mans" dashboards, we got great follow-up questions. So keep the questions coming!​

We got great real-world scenarios to talk through, and specifically when you can use list registers to generate rich-dashboards without any development. You can be sure these have given us a great set of topics for future sessions as well!

For everyone interested in the discusion topics and questions, I have included a write-up of bullets in the presentation file. Enjoy. The presentation deck is available for download HERE.

For the rest of you who would just like to see what we showed, and how easy it is, you can see video shorts from the Spoke YouTube channel.

Please join us when we return on the 29th of July.

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