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Bring your organisation together.

Traction™ Intranet is a rapid, cost effective, low risk method of deploying a complete communications and collaboration intranet solution in your business.

Supporting collaboration with your creative design team, using known guidelines to bring to life your brand identity.

Distilling decades of experience into rapid delivery of an intranet, with proven communication and collaboration solutions to your business.

Traction™ Intranet is deployed using a prescribed framework, clear processes and standardised templates to ensure cost and delivery expectations are met.

Delivered via SharePoint® on-premises or Online as part of Microsoft® Office 365, we focus on reducing operational risk and total cost of ownership.


Starting in SharePoint: What do I get?

Wow - that looks bare and busy at the same time!


In fact if I didn't know better, and I wanted to get a useful, functioning intranet I might be a little despondent, but actually looking at this as a starting point is better than the out-of-the-box Web-Publishing page template for SharePoint which is ...well Blank.

Thinking about what you need to do is always a challenge, but very few people and organisations do well with a blank-page. This is why Spoke have Traction™ Intranet as a starter-kit, and as a functional solution. It brings the value of 20+ years of experiences, with the speed of known starting point for your intranet requirements.

What do I get with Traction?

At the start of a journey you don't know what you don't know, you rely on experienced individuals, recommendations from friends and guide-books.


Traction acts a combination of guide and recommendations, based on many many peoples experiences - but it doesn't prevent you find the hidden gems you want for your special experience.

What you see with Traction intranet framework is a working business solution. The starting point with Traction can look like this ...>


With some sample content you can see your business working now. It's all the experience, design work and information architecture organisations spend a year figuring out - as your starter. Then we add your brand and content to bring it to life for you.


Solution Overview

Traction is designed as a complete Intranet business solution. Depending on your needs, the end result can be a complete intranet, or a starting point upon which to build more sophistication.

Intranet Site

  • Base solution: news, corporate calendar and events, feature stories, quick links, policies and procedures, team and project profiles, web page publishing, document publishing

  • Brand application: supports either basic branding, or work with a design agency for brand alignment.


Deployment Process

  • Proven templates and widgets for rapid deployment

  • Prescribed schedule accurately sets expectations for deliverables and timeframe


Governance Framework

  • Business roles mapping to the solution roles, activities and audiences

  • Customised operations, as-built documentation, how to videos and training.

Want to see this in action? Want to take a look at what well design SharePoint Online can be like?

Give us a call, or send us an email.

Can we speak about Traction?

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