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What's the story with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Microsoft continue to promote their new service called Teams and it looks like it is here to stay. But what is it?

My elevator description goes like this...

Teams is an online service that provides three core functions.

First, a new voice, video, and chat communication platform to replace Skype and Yammer.

Second, a tight integration with a SharePoint library for managing documents in SharePoint but making them available in Teams.

Third, a portal that can provide windows into lots of different applications from Microsoft and other online services.

Teams can be used via a web app, a desktop app, and a mobile app.

So, if you're familiar with SharePoint Team Sites and this is causing confusion with Teams you're not alone, it had me for ages. The key feature to remember is that Teams cannot store any documents itself, it only looks like it does through tight integration with a SharePoint site.

Moving forward you might stop using Skype for Business and Yammer because of Teams, but SharePoint is still the only place for storing documents in Office 365.

Want to understand how best to fit Teams into your plan? Drop us a line - email: Can we talk about Microsoft Teams?

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