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Spoke re-launches with new Microsoft 365 offerings

Author: Jonathan Stuckey

Spoke is changing. But not much.

It has been a tumultuous couple of years - not just COVID, but within Spoke. With family changes, health-impacts and pivoting in to new areas of solution delivery - all while we strive to deliver the best service we can to our customers and partners alike.

At Spoke we are proud to announce we have finalised the change to staff-ownership. With the re-launch of Spoke (v3) we are expanding our focus on Microsoft 365 support for our customers. As our technical expertise has grown from SharePoint solutions, to Office 365 services to Microsoft 365 platform and now includes Power Platform, so has our focus on Operational governance and business support.

Proudly New Zealand owned (still)

What are the changes? We are the same people, with the same drive and no-nonsense approach to getting things done, but now we all own a piece of our company.

What's the difference for current projects and existing customers? Well - nothing, if you don't want there to be - we are just letting you know. If you do, well read on!

What does it mean for Spoke's operations?

Um, we have a new bank account number, and I've spent several hours updating our paperwork and our website pages. Other than that not a lot: we still trade in New Zealand; we cover Financial services, Utilities and Public Sector verticals; we are still DIA cloud-marketplace registered and we still deliver great outcomes for customers.

What does it mean for Spoke offerings? Now you are talking! We have spent a fair chunk of time modernising existing solutions, Intellectual Property and designs, and have finally brought in a range of offerings which actually covers the rest of what we do with Microsoft 365.

We are officially announcing offerings we have delivered for some time, including:

  1. enabling Microsoft Teams to work seamlessly with your intranet

  2. paper and form automation with Power Platform

  3. deployment and adoption of M365 Compliance Centre governance services for

    1. information classification

    2. data loss prevention

    3. legal search and discovery (e.g. Office Information Act requests)

    4. retention processing and automation

  4. helping people adopt Microsoft's latest and greatest in Viva and Loop

Later this year we will also be releasing package-offerings using Power Platform integrated solutions on SharePoint and Microsoft Teams for:

  1. Health and Safety operational processes

  2. Human Resources employee file management

  3. Project office self-service management

...and more to come!

Want to know more about Spoke v3 and our 15-year journey? Or just fancy a coffee - give us a shout

About the author: Jonathan Stuckey


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