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If you have a business based in Australasia, then moving your file share to SharePoint Online is mos

Did you know that in 2018 in Australia and New Zealand many Government agencies have been moving core services to Office 365 and some have been using SharePoint Online successfully for years?

So why does that matter to you? Because they have done your homework!

Both the Australian and New Zealand Government’s have reviewed the risks and benefits of using Office 365, which includes SharePoint Online, and have approved it for general use across agencies. This is not Microsoft or an IT vendor saying SharePoint Online is secure and reliable, this is decisions made by Government agencies focusing on areas such as information security, privacy, and cost.

Adoption at a Government level ensures a good level of implementation and support in the local market. This is not a “now you see it, now you don’t” scenario where you will be left with some random software that is not supported and only used by your company. Just like Word and Outlook, SharePoint Online is becoming increasingly ubiquitous as a solution for managing files.

Government agencies don’t have to use SharePoint Online, but many are because it proves itself as a good solution for their needs and for their people. That said it is not the solution to everything and some agencies are complimenting or replacing some services within Office 365 with other specialist cloud service offerings such as records management and video conferencing. For example, several transport sector agencies in New Zealand use a specialist non-Microsoft cloud service for document and records management, but still use SharePoint Online for Intranets.

SharePoint Online as part of Office 365 is cost effective and provides a real opportunity to reduce or reprioritise your IT budget. For example the cost saving focus across the public sector is retiring servers as they are often under-utilised or over-utilised and not performing. Both these issues disappear as you consume what you need as you need it from SharePoint Online.

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