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Some nice-looking stats

I don't really do blogs, but this is an interesting and useful enhancement that's crept-in with SharePoint online site-analytics over last few months into Preview

Last year - you could see individual site analytics and it looked a bit like this:

while at first-glance is appears useful-ish, really wasn't - with the exception of Trending files

If you are trying to run a publishing intranet, you want to see trend data on stories (pages) over time and unique users etc.

Well here's next step in improvement

and it's exactly the sort of information you want to see at quick glance... still gaps though:

  1. we can't export it

  2. you don't get more than 90-days rolling data

  3. you don't get this data rolled-up across multiple sites

It's exactly the sort of stuff we want!

Now we can see you can do it MS - we'd like it done properly please :)

Keep it coming!

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