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Happy 2018!

Hello all and welcome to 2018!

we hope you all had a great break over Christmas and, for those of us not enjoying an extended summer-break we envy you.

In case you hadn’t noticed we have been head-down and working hard through 2017. In 2018 we are taking the brake off our comms because we think we have loads worth shouting about!

A great big thank you and “well done!” to all those people and organisations we’ve worked alongside over the last year. We have achieved some phenomenal goals and delivered a lot of projects. We will be publishing some case-studies and profiles soon.

Keep an eye out on LinkedIn for a rolling series of articles and commentary, as well as the return of our Spoken Word online sessions with rapid "how-to.." videos on a range of Office, SharePoint and new Microsoft applications.

To everyone we missed last year – we hope to be seeing you again soon!

We wish you all….

Hari hou tau - Feliz año nuevo -

新年快乐 - 해피 뉴 이어

or just a plain ol’ “Happy New Year”.

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