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Modern UI - If you can't beat them...

We've been working with the new SharePoint Modern UI (User Interface) for a while now, as it slowly emerges beside the Classic UI, and we've reached some middle ground.

Editing a Modern UI Site Page

Basically Microsoft have released the great new Modern UI functionality so we can take advantage of it, but they've done that at the expense of us being able to style sites and pages to stamp an organisations identity on them in a consistent way. This ability will come, Microsoft has started to provide previews and discuss it online, but until it does - if you can't beat them, join them.

What Spoke has done to manage this transitional period is create a clean and simple skin for the Classic UI that allows people using SharePoint sites to move seamlessly between Classic UI pages and Modern UI pages. This gives them the best of both worlds, which is important because both worlds are still needed and will be for some time.

If you want to learn more about the Modern UI or are having trouble with its introduction into your organisation then its time we spoke.

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