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Microsoft Viva

Adopting the latest Microsoft technologies, apps and services on M365 can be challenging and frustrating. Often latest releases, like the Viva suite of apps and services, have an under-developed feel and lack the depth or robustness of major products. We help our clients understand what these solutions are, where they fit in their organisations landscape, and when they are ready for prime-time and adoption. Microsoft Viva modules: Connections, Learning, Insights and Topics, range from useful to adopt through to almost vapour-ware. At Spoke, we will help you figure out which is which, as well as when and how to adopt when you are ready.

Offering Overview

Microsoft Viva is the latest collection of modules and services released from Microsoft. Being driven under the latest marketing push around employee experience platform, Viva Connect, Viva Learning, Viva Insights and Viva Topics are only loosely interconnected and useful tools offered through the Microsoft Teams user-experience.

With the persistent push to establish Microsoft Teams as the primary portal and user-experience for Microsoft apps and services, connecting Viva suite to it only makes sense - but which are really ready for use?


Getting the most out of Microsoft's M365 platform isn't as straight forward as most people believe. With the drive to continually innovate Microsoft releases (and changes) a lot of things all the time. So what does Microsoft's latest suite of offerings bring you? We can help you with a proven managed process for defining criteria, assessing the fit and maturity and developing the best approach to rolling these tools out.

Understand what Microsoft is delivering with Viva

We help you navigate the latest round of Microsoft's marketing-speak, and get to the bottom of Viva modules.

Understanding both what is real, what is free and what is not ready for prime-time (or the additional spend). More importantly we can can help you build your own model for evaluating and adopting other capabilities and apps as they are released. 

Learning how to evaluate your internal needs, value available in the apps and where Microsoft is likely to keep investing is important. No one wants another Kaizala or Delve on their hands if they can avoid it.

Microsoft's Viva suite

Microsoft Viva Connect

Finally integration of your intranet (using SharePoint Online) into Microsoft Teams. Because Microsoft Teams workspaces do not support information architecture, design or content management. Microsoft Teams is a great communication and collaboration UI, but most organisations spend a long-time making sure they can find and make use of their key documents and information (often in SharePoint if you are using Microsoft 365)

Microsoft Viva Learning

A lot of effort goes into developing, and refining application and device user-interfaces for apps and services, but virtually none are so intuitive we don't need training, coaching or to see great examples. Viva Learning module provides access a vast array of online training and support content, ranging from Microsoft's own M365 training and LinkedIn Learning, through to proven high-quality content providers like Udemy, Harvard Business, Cornerstone etc. 

Not quite on the cusp of delivering a Learning Management Solution, but not far off and with integration to most broadly used ones coming.

Microsoft Viva Insights

In an ongoing global staffing and health crisis, managing and supporting staff wellbeing is not just a point of differentiation in recruiting. Its and essential. Insights supports you and your organisations staff with view of working habits, time expenditure and personal feedback on internal health. 

An amalgamation of several technologies and tools Microsoft has been investing in for last couple of years, to get real value with this area you are more dependent on cultural change, operational support and paying for the extra services. Identifying what is useful, and what is just more cost is critical before enabling these components.

Microsoft Viva Topics

Potentially one of the most useful tools for helping your organisation get to grips with internal information management and knowledge generation. Its also not free and needs significant investment of resources and people change to get the most from this toolset.

A high-value return, that requires a concerted effort and extra licensing costs. Understanding this and what it does for you before you venture into this area has never been more important.

Assessment and adoption

Why not ask us about how we can help you? With:

  • managed process for setting up assessments,

  • establishing appropriate criteria and evaluation model

  • planning setup, roll-out and adoption of modules based on value to your organisation - not just marketing

If you want to know more about the best ways to assess, and ultimately adoption Microsoft's new solutions - drop us a line. 


Can we speak about how to adopt Microsoft Viva products?

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