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Bring the intranet to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 has changed how everyone works, the main home is not Outlook anymore. Microsoft Teams is the employee go-to tool and at Spoke we've spent years ensuring customers get the most from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Office together.

Solution Overview

Deploying Microsoft Teams seems easy until you have been running a few months. A flood of features, service changes and difficult to find sites mean you need a big clean-up.

Spoke have packaged processes, templates and information architecture to support the business from day-1. Workspace templates, business process approval, integrated information design - and no code development! Everything configured to be useful.

Microsoft Teams setup

  • Integrate and publish from a well-structure SharePoint intranet

  • Ensure navigation, search and access is seamless

Workspace templates

  • automated setup and deployment of Microsoft Teams for specific activities - projects, client engagement

  • enable self-service, but with life-cycle governance wrapped in

  • support best-practices for naming, apps integration and role-based controls

Operational best-practices

  • standard model for business roles, mapped to internal access and approval

  • applied information architecture, using local and global practices and standards

  • site and user documentation tailored for your implementation

If you want to know more about getting the most from Microsoft Teams, drop us a line

Can we speak about Microsoft Teams?

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