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Microsoft Purview

Adopting the latest Microsoft 365 technologies, apps and services can be challenging and frustrating. Releases like the Microsoft Purview governance applications often have an under-developed feel and lack the depth or robustness of major products. We help our clients understand what these solutions are, where they fit in their organisations landscape, and when it is appropriate for adoption. The Compliance Centre modules: Audit, Content Search, eDiscovery, Information Protection, Data-loss Prevention, Retention Labelling, Communications Compliance, Insider Risk-management... range from useful to adopt through to ridiculous levels of resourcing required to support them. At Spoke, we will help you figure out which is which, as well as when and how to adopt when you are ready.

Offering Overview

Microsoft Purview is a collection of modules and services designed to support the organisation management, compliance and governance needs. Under the latest changes with the new Portal UI and URL, the interconnected and useful tools offer strong play in governance space, but as usual without the guidance or clear line-of-sight for implementation.

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Getting the most out of Microsoft's M365 platform isn't as straight forward as most people believe. With the drive to continually innovate Microsoft releases (and changes) a lot of things all the time. So what does Microsoft's latest iteration of Compliance Centre offerings bring you? We can help you with a proven managed process for defining criteria, assessing the fit and maturity and developing the best approach to rolling these tools out.

What Microsoft is delivering with Purview

We help you navigate Microsoft's latest iteration of its Information and Platform governance suite. With the evolving landscape of tools and services being rolled-up into the new Portal UI.

Understanding both what is real, what is increasingly additional spend to get the useful features. More importantly we help you build your own model for evaluating and adopting other capabilities and apps as they are released. 

Learning how to evaluate your internal needs, and how to judge the value available in the suite of connected governance services, controls and management tools.

Microsoft's Purview Compliance Center suite

Audit and Content Search

Core modules for the Purview suite, these underpin the entire Microsoft 365 platform and with the new Portal facelift, have started integrating in the Azure | Entra audit information. Audit services are the foundation for Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting on events in your environment, and form the foundation of most of the other Governance services. Robust, but needing some clear guidance and procedures to support their use.


In Purview this solution comes in a basic and premium edition. Closey tied to the standard E-plan licensing. Today there is no requirement for additional licensing, unless you wish to extend the reporting or dashboard information - for that you'll need PowerBI. Basic eDiscovery provides a great entry-level discovery and reporting on events across communications, collaboration, documents and data in Microsoft 365, but you need to pay for the uplift if you need to activities like a case - with appropriate delegated, secure and private access across different roles or teams.

As a solution the UI is relatively easy to use, but as a business process there are some gaps in how to apply expected or best practices. The Spoke model enables organisations to get going with a well-founded approach and pre-canned processes aligned to key access and delegation of roles.

Information Protection

Microsoft Information Protection is one of the longest existing governance solutions, next to Audit. As Microsoft has extended it from Document Rights Management to Information & Data Rights Management, the solution has evolved. Merging in security classification on SharePoint Sites, Microsoft Teams and Groups/Planner has provided a great spring-board to applied information security classification driven control of your information. 

The challenge with the solution is unification does not equal simplicity in running the solution, after you've deployed labels and policies to apply them. Spoke's long running experience working with these technologies provides you access to significant experience and expertise in design, deployment and running the services - for IT, Information Management and Security/Privacy teams. We make the adoption process straight-forward and manageable.

Data-Loss Prevention

Hot topic in the markets for several years, with IT and Security services organisations monopolising the spaces, but Microsoft Purview offering (and its roadmap) is bringing a unique and (almost) manageable toolset to the fore with: identification of key information, defining triggers for response, alerting when a user or action breaks the rules and responding with reporting for intervention, or automating a level of response while your teams swing into action.

By its very nature Microsoft Purview DLP combines native content scanning, detection and response of content, communications and data as well as integrating points of access and egress on network, devices and apps. Because of the shear breadth of coverage it is very easy to get lost, leave gaps or break your users working day with applied patterns, rules, controls and responses - and still not get the outcome you want.

Spoke's approach is to enable your organisation to work from end-users content, back in towards the heavy-duty IT lead device and network areas. We don't specialise in the networks and extended platform, but we do get your core rolling, and you asking the right questions of the right people and roles you need to make things work and reduce your risk of data-loss. 

Retention Labelling and Records Management

Retention labelling is the precursor for content and records management lifecycle, in Microsoft 365 platform. Typically a space dominated by EDRM's and Records Management specialists it is actually the first-time most organisations have had a chance to apply good governance practices in an electronic content world. Classic document management fails with poor user-adoption, but the introduction of AI driven labelling automation, and targeted inheritance can be a game changer. The key with Microsoft Purview solutions in this space is to invert your normal way of thinking when planning and deploying the services. 


Want to know how to avoid months of wasted effort before doing anything useful, or just annoying users with another failed document and records mgmt project? Ask us. We've been around this loop many times with a range of organisations and provide you the guidance to get you going in the right direction, and keep you on the path.

...and that is the end of the capabilities available, but we don't do everything because other solutions in this suite require increasing amounts of specialisation, targeting and refinement with processes, workflow and roles. 

Assessment and adoption

Why not ask us about how we can help you? With:

  • managed process for setting up assessments,

  • establishing appropriate criteria and evaluation model

  • planning setup, roll-out and adoption of modules based on value to your organisation - not just marketing.

If you want to know more about the best ways to assess, and ultimately adoption Microsoft's new solutions - drop us a line. 


Can we talk about Microsoft Purview for Information Governance?

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