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Solution design.

Working with many organisations we find that there is often a disparity between what your IT say and what they can do. "No" became the safe way, but with Cloud services and Office 365 we decided to take a stand and offer business users real solution design advice. 

We help organisations rapidly identify, define and model the solution they need - often without the need for development. 

Designed to support customers using the ever-expanding capabilities in SharePoint Online and Office 365, Spoke provide expertise, support and guidance from the very beginning of your journey.

Starting with planning your initial strategy and roadmap, right through to ongoing support once your business requirement and processes are modelled, tried, refined and then embedded in the way you work.

With proven methodology, baseline templates for processes, terminology and 20+ years of how to get the most from technologies we put on the table what everyone else charges you to develop.

What do I get?

Solution Design services can help with :

  • assess your business needs to provide relevant option(s) 

  • create roadmap, mapping requirements to capabilities 

  • identify skills and knowledge required to support you

  • provide guidelines & standards for best results

  • help you establish adoption and training programmes

The single biggest benefit is being able to get more than 1 set of expertise when you need it!

Extending your team's skills, Spoke brings the support and expertise from 3 or more disciplines:

  1. solution and user-experience design

  2. technical implementation expertise

  3. information management


In a practical sense, if you want to do this with a Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, you will get SharePoint technical solution support, applied information management, process guidance and user-adoption support before you start.

It's like planning a journey and having a personal valet, a tour-guide and a friendly local-resident sat in your taxi to the airport.

Our approach

What does it actually mean to you a business?

You get the benefit of a proven starting points for:

  • access to knowledge and models of proven solution delivery using SharePoint and Office 365

  • establishing shared understanding and vocabulary

  • rapid business process analysis and capability mapping processes

  • simplified guidance for establishing lite-weight business, information and document processes

  • a range of expertise, from different disciplines - IM, operations, development, user-experience design

  • the wisdom of prior experience and execution

Basically we provide a suggested packing list, instructions, hot-spots and tips-n-tricks which make the journey shorter, and ultimately more likely to get you where you want to go.


By taking you through a managed design process, you get to know what's, why's and wherefores' ahead of time

We know every business is different, and you will need something crafted for you - but we also know where most businesses are the same...

we can cut the time getting through the commonality, to make it fit for you.

Your roadmap.

A solutions roadmap is thought of as clear-cut, like an A-Z. A business roadmap has changes-in-directions based on the changing baselines, business requirements and cultures in your organisation; it's more like making use of satellite navigation and road-traffic services - you give it a destination, and you are redirected around road works, busy streets and washed-out roads as things change around you.

A solution journey with businesses is always interesting and never the same twice. Your final destination may not actually be what you thought. So when your planning and packing is done, ask us how to make it there in one piece — using everyday tools like Microsoft SharePoint® and Office365®

If you are interested and want to know more about how Solution Design services could work for you? Give us a call, or send us an email:
Can we speak about Solution Design?

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