Quality Document and Resources Management.

Traction™ Resource Centre is a solution that provides central location for, and standardises management of an organisation's quality documents and intellectual property. 

The Traction™ Resource Centre provides a centralised portal for finding and navigating key organisation information resources and IP.  It gives all users a central, shared location enabling effective locating and access of key business documentation. It operates on two levels: a location for governing and management of quality documents and IP, secondly as a place to search for key resources or published documentation including: policies, procedures, research and publications.

Solution Overview

Traction™ Resource Centre offers features to support finding and managing key documents:

Resource Centre

  • Pre-defined templates with document lifecycle process setup

  • Managed process for creating and publishing documents, templates

  • Uploading and categorisation of critical documentation

  • Pre-filtered search results for finding documents and content fast

Document Framework and Managed Library

  • Pre-configured libraries and content management controls

  • Business centric information architecture built in

  • A document publish and review process defined

  • Personalised views of target content, including document review

Information Design and Governance Framework

  • Business roles, with mapped workflow activities

  • Business centric information design, using standardised information architecture and terms

  • Site and user documentation based on your implementation

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