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Jon and Duncan discuss HQSC

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

This department wanted modern, fresh and affordable. We gave them that and made it a pleasure to do. With a global best-practice, pre-templated deployment options and design-experience which was supportable and engaging for the users, the project was delivered in record-time.

To add that extra level of professionalism and control demanded by a high-profile organisation, with far-reaching impact they adopted Valo Intranet CMS add-on for SharePoint Online.

We went undercover…

This government department has over 600 staff with half of them located in locations around the world, so the intranet plays an important role in engaging with their staff. They had an existing intranet and a good idea what they needed to achieve and recognised that the Spoke team could deliver a great experience for a low risk, using Valo Intranet on SharePoint Online.


We got clever…

We worked closely with their team to test, prove and deliver what was really needed: investing in a best-in-class CMS on SharePoint and extending the experience with a few extra widgets to meet their specific needs - which the Valo product made easy to style and integrate.

...but for much of the delivery we didn't need to be that clever, which is clever in itself of course! 

We rolled it out…

Once the new intranet was launched there was always the expectation that this was not the end, but the beginning. With further versions of the widgets, their people provided feedback and confirmed the value in hours and days!

Spoke continue working with the team to rapidly iterate ideas and enhancements - including realising the advantage of new features from Microsoft releases with Office 365, such as the Stream video service, Idea centre from Valo. There is an ongoing roll for Spoke, to continue helping them deliver great experiences around the globe, and the business see, access and decide on valuable 

What's the catch? ... 4 months to go live, and 5 months running - we haven't found one yet!

We keep it spinning…

The difference?

In 2011, this would have been an 18-month project, needing 12 - 20 people, starting at $750k before being deployed.

In 2017, this was 4 months, 20% technology and 80% content, user-training and change programme. With Office 365, SharePoint Online, Valo Intranet and Spoke's know-how - it was less than $100k.

In 2019 the upgrade was less than 8 hours of technology, validation and testing. The content - well that always needs looking after.

2022 and Spoke are still a go to partner for new things on Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online and latest Microsoft releases with Viva. Valo intranet continues to play a vital part in their globally accessible communications and engagement channel for employees and overseas partners alike.

Learn more about Valo Intranet and our partnership

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