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Bank of New Zealand.

When BNZ need local expertise they can trust to lead internal system-of-record upgrade project, they called on Spoke.

We went undercover…

When we met BNZ in 2009, they were on a mission to create a better support experience for their 5000+ strong workforce. Spread across the whole of New Zealand in all medium and major centers, they were driving innovation for customers, and wanting to do the same for their staff. BNZ had an intranet which provided access to internal procedural information, links to tools and reference material for staff, but it could be hard to find and out of date.

Bank of New Zealand wanted to provide a best-in-class experience for the staff, and create a platform for providing new tools and services over time. ...Its 2020 and we still have a strong relationship and BNZ know to call us when things need that reassurance and expertise to get it right first-time.

We got clever…

BNZ needed more than just easy access to information, they needed to promote their culture and new brand, foster team spirit, enable efficiency and customer service to staff located throughout the country.

They had a team of smart people focused on communication, knowledge management and processes, but they wanted expertise on deploying SharePoint and delivering Communications based intranets, with strong brand-presence which reflected their culture and provided range of tooling to support learning development, document creation and collaboration, access to other systems and a place to store and manage system-of-record documentation.

With early development of Traction content management solution, and the Spoke team to support brand development and delivery on SharePoint 2007, Spoke brought a powerhouse of skills, expertise and responsiveness to the banks project. 

We rolled it out…

The result was an innovative and easy to use intranet which spanned the whole of BNZ community, and enabled open and dynamic, multi-way communication throughout the organisation. Mercury was born. The primary source of accurate and up-to-date corporate information. Initially rolled out in March 2009, we continued to build on its success over the remaining year, releasing phase 2 in 2010.

Intranet design consultancy engage using the Spoke intranet as an example of attractive intranet design, noted that if provide a good balance between the company’s strong corporate branding and a clean, simple layout. We helped empower the business by contributing expertise in solution architecture, platform requirements assessment and setup, technical design, development and testing and technical implementation.

Additionally the innovation provide a user-driven experience, giving the staff the flexibility to configure and control which elements mattered most to them for day-to-day work. Done in an era of SharePoint delivery which was still code-strong.

We keep it spinning…

Since rolling out Mercury intranet, Spoke have delivered on internal collaboration solutions, project coordination and record-management on SharePoint. Spoke and BNZ have continued a strong working relationship. When they need to upgrade the platform and deploy new system-of-record solution they called Spoke back.

5 years after upgrade of Mercury, when BNZ needed to respond to regulatory challenges, Spoke were called on to lead the upgrade programme for the geographically distributed and highly-available farm, migrating the SharePoint solutions to new platforms and modernising range of custom processes and workflows.

Fast forward 10-years since that first intranet go-live, and Spoke are still called in when BNZ need to update the platform, deploy new capability and (in-part) migrate solutions from on-premises to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online.

Want to know how to keep you environment living and strong? Why not call us.

Its time we spoke
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