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The SharePoint challenge.

In many organisations there is a nagging feeling of something missing with SharePoint. Often it is showing how to get the return on the investment from implementing it! The SharePoint Specialist service is designed to help organisations kick-start their journey and help facilitate ongoing business support with getting more from SharePoint.

Spoke provide expertise, guidance and support from the very begining. Starting with helping organisations establish the vision and strategy, and then turn that in to a practical roadmap of activity and action. Where most people leave-off is after implementing SharePoint and sometimes the first business solutions. Spoke start with building the plan to get your ongoing business value out. Using proven frameworks, methodologies and business templates for solutions Spoke consultants each bring 15 years of getting the most from this Microsoft platform.

What do you get?

Spoke SharePoint Specialist services, are not about "break/fix" support. We focus on getting you to a point of business sustainability. Examples of our outputs include:

  • Business needs assessment​​

  • Operational maturity assessment

  • IT and SharePoint roadmap

  • Map roles and responsibilities

  • Infrastructure and cloud service mgmt guidelines

  • Standards for creating and managing business solutions on SP

  • Business and user adoption frameworks


All this from a range of experts with experience across all the key SP technology disciplines, as well as business solutions delivery experience.

Skills and experience

Enabling business solutions using Microsoft SharePoint and Office isn't just about Developers. Yes you may need developers at some point, but knowing why and what for is key. With SharePoint no one ever tells you the range of skills and knowledge required to get good, consistent and manageable solutions.

At Spoke we tell you up front the skills we bring and why, so we know when and where to apply them. Next time you speak to a SharePoint partner ask them if they carry veterans covering:

  • Infrastructure

  • Solutions design

  • Development (not .net)

  • Web development (SP specific)

  • Platform administration

  • Information management and design

  • Advanced site configuration

  • Power user training

​You can be pretty sure most organisations, and unfortunately most partners, will tell you "Yes we do SharePoint!", but not tell which bits. Most organisations can't afford to carry people experienced across all these areas for an extended period. SharePoint Specialist service give you way to tap the expertise when you need it, and keep it on-side to keep you running.

We know every business is different, and you will need solutions crafted to fit you... But we also know where most businesses are the same and we cut the time getting through the confusion to make SharePoint fit your situation.

If you are interested and want to know more about Spoke's SharePoint Specialist services, gives us a call or email us: Can we speak about SharePoint specialist services

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