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Business adoption of Office 365 services

Discussion paper released

I am pleased to announce the general release discussing adopting Microsoft Office 365 cloud services for business use, within the New Zealand public sector.

The discussion-paper undertaken on behalf of Microsoft New Zealand Ltd, is focused on the IT savvy business user and Information Managment aware people in organisations - not IT. While there is a Government sector leaning in the FAQ, alot of what is discussed is relevant across industry today.

The biggest challenges for Business users and IT for Office 365 is realising that this is not an IT project anymore. It's all about Business. As such ​both business users and their IT people have to make a move. Information Managers dont get off lightly either, because now you need to support the business in how to achieve outcomes ​and not just apply the compliance stick.

The document, and the supporting content, is available under creative-commons v4 distribution, so please feel free review and reference. All we ask is you attribute appropriately, and do feel free to comment! (Opinions are free, everyone has them...)

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