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Valo Intranet & Spoke partnership

Spoke are proud to be partnered with Valo for delivering their "Valo Intranet" solution that is used all around the world.


We know intranet solutions should be easy, they should be appealing to work in when you need, and should provide you with right information - but usually they are not. We know Microsoft offer the best-in-breed for productivity tools and services with Office 365 - but it's often too hard. The Valo Intranet is an award winning product for Office 365 which really addresses 'being easy' and 'great experience'.

Spoke have chosen to partner to provide a massive step-up to proven communication and collaboration solutions to your business: Valo Intranet - a truly beautiful experience, which actually is quick and easy to get going!

Starting in SharePoint: Where to start?

Thinking about what you need to do is always a challenge, but very few people and organisations do well with a blank-page. This is why Spoke developed the Traction™ delivery framework and our Intranet CMS as a starter-kit.


It brings the value of 18+ years of experiences, with the speed of known starting point for your intranet requirements.

Why add Valo?

With Valo Intranet you have an Office 365 Intranet solution in a box that's used by thousands of people around the world. The Valo team work closely with Microsoft to ensure your Intranet technology stays up to date and keeps on spinning.

Combine Valo Intranet with Spoke's Traction services and you have the technology plus all the experience, design work and information architecture organisations spend a year figuring out - as your project starting point!

Apply your brand and content to bring it to life!

Solution Overview

The Traction framework is designed to enable rapid delivery of a complete business solution. Depending on your needs, the end result can be a complete intranet, or a foundation upon which to build.

Valo - a complete Office365 Intranet Portal

  • Builds on Office 365, SharePoint online, Yammer and Delve to provide a modern, sophisticated and a beautiful experience on laptop, tablet or phone

  • Supplying ongoing development into mobile app, as well as support from Microsoft Office 365

Deployment Process

  • Proven templates and widgets for rapid deployment - in the exact model Spoke has advocated for 5 years.

  • A prescribed schedule accurately sets expectations for deliverables and timeframe

Governance Framework

  • Business roles mapping to the solution roles, activities and audiences

  • Customised operations, as-built documentation, how to videos and training.

Want to see this in action? Take a look at Valo's website and see the end-to-end solution in action.

If you are interested and want to know more about how Spoke and a Valo Intranet could work for you give us a call, or send us an email.

Can we speak about Valo Intranet?

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