Jon and Duncan discuss HQSC


HQSC were a brand new organisation with lots of documents and content, and no where to store them.

We went undercover…

The Health Quality and Safety Commission (HQSC) was established in 2010 with a ‘Triple Aim’ of improving quality, safety and experience of care, improving health and equity of all populations, and getting the best value from the public health system. A brand new organisation with such an important job, HQSC needed to grow rapidly while handling large quantities of sensitive information.

However, being spun out of the Ministry of Health, HQSC had a large quantity of existing content which they needed to store and retrieve.


We got clever…

HQSC were starting from scratch and had a specific need to retain the data within New Zealand’s sovereignty, so we proposed a Document Management System based on SharePoint, and hosted at HQSC’s IAAS provider, Revera.


We helped roll it out…

We delivered a proof of concept to HQSC within two weeks, and completed the implementation in another week.