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Own and operate the national grid. With varied business and information needs, they need robust, reliable and efficient skills.

We went undercover…

When we met Transpower Limited in 2008, they had a limited intranet which helped people find information and tools, but information could be hard to find and often out of date, and they continued to be very paper-centric. The IT team had limited knowledge and experience of Microsoft SharePoint platform, or operational models to support it.

2022 and Spoke are still the go-to partner for planning and adopting new solutions deployed using SharePoint, its just on Microsoft 365 now, and we continue to be an embedded part of the team

We got clever…

To challenge the established practices and ways of working, Transpower needed more than just easy access to information, they needed to promote their culture, enable efficiency and robust collaboration with staff, Service providers and contract partners located across the country.

Transpower have smart people focused on knowledge management, but they wanted expertise on designing solutions on SharePoint, with practical IM experience and knowledge. We help them deploy SharePoint, provided advice and guidance on changes, and supported and developed their internal base of knowledge and operations.

We rolled it out…

The first joint project was a corporate document and knowledge Hub, an innovative and easy to use virtual community that enables open and dynamic, multi-way communication throughout the company - and 10 years on we have helped deliver many projects, solutions and migrations since. Today they run project management, custom digital asset and document management, enterprise search and recently we have helped them through their 3rd iteration of Intranet Communications Publishing solution on Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

In just the last year Spoke helped Transpower modernize their Enterprise Search, take on Office 365 adoption, and (re)launch the Intranet on Office 365 using an example of attractive intranet design based on the Spoke Traction framework...

“[our new intranet]…finds a good balance between the company’s strong corporate branding and a clean, simple layout.” 

Communications lead, Corporate Communications team

We keep it spinning…

Since rolling out the original Hub, Spoke have led Transpower through upgrading the SharePoint environment through two re-fresh programmes, and Spoke and Transpower have continued a strong working relationship. We continue to assist Transpower with projects, help with solution design and deployment, and continue providing business support as well as operational advice and guidance for SharePoint and now Office 365.

We help to empower the business by contributing expertise in solution architecture, platform requirements assessment and setup, technical design, development and testing and technical implementation.

“[Spoke’s] professionalism, considerable expertise and delivery-focus have been invaluable for us (Transpower). Their significant contribution to the underlying SharePoint platform and development of the new solutions has seen Transpower’s successful migration to Office 365. Our intranet is about enabling improved communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing across the enterprise - and this is becoming a reality”

Head of Enterprise Services, Transpower New Zealand Limited.

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