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Merdian's existing intranet was old and no longer serving the business. It was time to replace it.

We went undercover…

We spent time with smart people throughout Meridian getting to know their challenges. We confirmed that without governance, their existing Intranet solution had grown old and clunky, wasn’t being used and the content was out of date. It just wasn’t useful to anyone.

Fortunately, our team have seen this before, and have proven ways of addressing these issues. We encouraged Meridian to invest in their intranet from the ground up – the technology, content, user experience and governance.


We got clever…

We empowered Meridian to deliver an Intranet experience that enables top down communications, bottom up sharing, and a trusted location for important information. A critical part of the holistic solution was embedding operational models for the distributed management of content. We worked closely with the Meridian business owners to empower and focus them to deliver a successful solution that focused on delivering and using their content.

SharePoint 2010 has proven to be an ideal tool for communicating, sharing and storing information.


We helped roll it out…

We worked with the Meridian IT team to deliver SharePoint 2010 on the in-house technology infrastructure. Meridian selected and empowered “Knowledge Guardians” from throughout the organisation, and we trained them on how to get the best out of the new Intranet.


We keep it spinning…

We shared our knowledge and experience in governance and management with Meridian to ensure the ongoing health of the content and technology platform.

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